How It Works

Elastic is the easy way to access money when you need it. Once your Elastic Account is open and activated, you can access money whenever the need arises. With Elastic, you request Cash Advances online. We will first deduct the Cash Advance Fee from the amount of the Cash Advance you request, and deliver only the Elastic Cash amount to you in your Checking Account or a check by mail, depending on how you select to make payments. As you repay your Balance, you can request additional Cash Advances up to your Credit Limit. 

Credit Limit 

Upon approval, you will receive a $500 to $4,500* Credit Limit.


With Elastic, we make payments easy. You are required to make at least the Required Payment by your Payment Due Date. Your Required Payment Due includes repaying a portion of your Balance, any Carried Balance Fees and any Past Due Amounts.

  • Billing Cycle and Payment Due Dates: Your Billing Cycle and Payment Due Dates correspond with your Pay Date and the Pay Frequency you identified in your Application.

    • If your Pay Frequency is Weekly or Bi-weekly, you will have Bi-weekly Billing Cycles and Bi-weekly Payment Due Dates.

    • If your Pay Frequency is Semi-monthly, you will have Semi-monthly Billing Cycles and Semi-monthly Payment Due Dates.

    • If your Pay Frequency is Monthly, you will have Monthly Billing Cycles and Monthly Payment Due Dates.

    • To initiate a Payment Due Date or Billing Cycle change request, please call Customer Support at (888) 225- 0080 or email us at Requests are subject to eligibility requirements. We will send a notice to the email address listed in your Elastic Account regarding the status of your request within 2 Business Days, including requests for additional information when needed. A change in your Billing Cycle from Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly to Monthly, or Monthly to Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly will result in changes to the Cash Advance Fee, Carried Balance Fee and Required Payment you will pay. Please refer to the Truth-in-Lending Disclosures in Section A, and Paragraphs 7 and 8 for details on the Cash Advance Fee and Carried Balance Fee. Please refer to Paragraph 11 for details on your Required Payment.
  • Payment Options: You may make payments using the following methods:

    • AutoPay: We will debit your payment on each Payment Due Date from your Checking Account. To pay down your Balance faster, you can also choose to make an Additional AutoPay amount and pay more than the Required Payment each Billing Cycle.

    • One-Time Electronic: You can call or schedule a one-time electronic payment online.

    • Debit Card Payments: You can make a debit card payment over the phone.

    • Payment by Checking Account: If your bank permits, you can use their bill payment feature to make payments.

    • Payment by Mail: You can pay by mailing a personal check, certified check or money order.

You may pay your Balance in full at any time without penalty. We also accept partial payments. For details about your payment options, please review Paragraph 13 of the Terms and Conditions

Cooling-Off Period

Our commitment to responsible lending includes a Cooling-Off Period. By using your credit wisely and paying off any balance in less than 10 months, your account will not become subject to the Cooling-Off Period. 

If there is a Balance on your Elastic Account for 10 consecutive months, your Elastic Account will enter the Cooling-Off Period. You will be unable to request Cash Advances during the Cooling-Off Period. The Cooling-Off Period ends when you pay your entire Balance and you keep your Balance at or below $0.00 for 20 consecutive calendar days. We will reinstate your ability to request new Cash Advances once the Cooling-Off Period ends. It may take up to 5 Business Days after the expiration of the 20 day period to reinstate your ability to request a Cash Advance.

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